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The Easiest Quickest Way to Setting Up an Email

  By Jane Robinson   If you already have a domain name and hosting account set up then you have to start thinking about getting email accounts and names which are relevant to your new business, such as support@yourdomainname.com, yourname@yourdomainname.com, help@yourdomainname.com etc So, just go back to your hosting account. There will […]

Creating A Personal Email Address and Domain Using A Personal Email Hosting Service

  By Cesar P. Lopez A significant presence in cyberspace is more often than not quite necessary and important in modern society, whether in the business arena or in individual professional affairs, and this can easily be done using a personal email hosting service. If an individual or business entity wishes […]

The Story of Domain Names

There are thousands of websites available on the internet and all these websites are uploaded on web servers. A website becomes accessible for us only when it is uploaded to a web server. On a web server each website has its own web space in form of virtual directory on the server and each virtual directory on server has a specific address known as IP address. IP address is a 12 digit numerical string that contains information about the location and other

Keyboard Shortcuts

By Justin Anumiri  Before now, when the use computer was not common, there weren’t many computer applications available. Keyboard options were unknown to the computer operators. Computer operators depended solely on the mouse. All the computer applications available today existed only as scientific fiction. With intensified effort on the part of […]

Why Is It Essential To Use An Online Ticket System For Technical Support?

Almost all web hosting providers offer ticket based support i.e. have an online support system where you can post messages to the company and the company representatives or support staff will respond to you. Various other industries use such systems as well. But why do most companies insist that their customers use such systems rather than make a simple phone call or send an email requesting support? Does it really make a difference if a message is sent through the support system or if it is sent through any other normal method of communication? This article explains why it is important that a company has a support ticket system for security and confidentiality.

How to Type Special Characters and Symbols Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  By Kevin Savetz  Computer users and Web site designers or bloggers struggling to remember how to type necessary symbols, accent marks and other special characters often consider the “hunt” an unwanted distraction from the project they’re working on. But it’s a problem that is usually easily remedied. By using two […]

6 Ways to Put Your Business Website to Work

By Edmund Brunetti The most important component of a company’s online strategy is its website. Unfortunately, many small businesses publish a website and then forget about it, even when promoting their products or services online. Using these tips, you can put your company’s website to work helping to sell the products […]

Your Logo Is Not Your Brand

By Doug Hickok Some company logos are so widely known that they are the face of a brand worldwide. They are not the brand itself, but they are the image associated with it. When you see a company logo, the image calls up your memories and feelings about the company’s products […]

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