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By Justin Anumiri 

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Before now, when the use computer was not common, there weren’t many computer applications available. Keyboard options were unknown to the computer operators. Computer operators depended solely on the mouse. All the computer applications available today existed only as scientific fiction. With intensified effort on the part of computer scientists and technologists there is a number of computer applications. Computer operators can now beam with smiles due to the number of shortcut available to them which make work easier for them. Inputting data in the computers can be done with easy and simplicity thanks to the availability of these shortcuts.

What are keyboard shortcuts?

Shortcut keys refer to keyboard options for giving a command to the computer and for inputting information in the computer. Nowadays there are certain keys or combination of keys on the computer keyboard that can be used in place of the mouse to command the computer. The era of mouse is gradually facing out. Many computer operators find it more convenient to use these keyboard options instead of dragging the mouse from one place to another.

Shortcut keys are user friendly. Using them for computer work remains the best and fastest way to input information in the computer. Many people who are new to them many not find it easy using them given the fact that it may be a little bit difficult to master them. But once you master them, you will marvel at the quantity of work you will be able to accomplish within some minutes.

As technology is improving more improved ways of doing things are coming out. With regard to shortcuts, there is now the possibility of one creating his or her shortcuts in some software applications like in Mac OS X. However, this can only be done for existing menu commands. It is not possible for you to create a keyboard shortcut for general purpose tasks.

Standard Keyboard shortcuts

These shortcut keys differ from application to application or from program to program. All you need to do is to master the shortcuts of whatever program you are using. However, in windows there are some standard keyboard shortcut keys. This means that the use of these keyboard as shortcuts give the same result in all the window application. Some of the standard keyboards options are:
[perfectpullquote align=”right” class=”” cite=”” link=”” color=”#236384″ size=”14″] • Ctrl-Tab which is used to between dialog box or some section of a window.
• Esc key is used to cancel a command that have been given.
• Home key is used in order to move to the start line.
• End is used to go back to the end of a line
• Ctrl-A is used to highlight the whole page of the document you are working on.
[/perfectpullquote] There are quite a good number of these standard shortcut keys. Once you master them, you can use them in other application. They serve as the foundation for other keyboard options. This makes it imperative for you to learn them so that you will be able to operate your computer at easy with keyboards only.

Keyboard shortcuts for Google reader (browser and WebPages)

There are a number of keyboard shortcut keys which can be used in Google. The following is a list of few of them.

– Left arrow – allows you to move one character to the left

– Right arrow – is used to move one character to the right

– Down arrow – helps you to go to the line below

– End – is used to get to the end of the document

There are also some keyboards options that can be used in order to select a text. If you want to select a word just double click on the word while you triple click in order to select a paragraph.

In blogging there are also some keyboard options which can be used but they are few.


Advantages of using keyboard shortcuts

The use of keyboards in place of mouse to give command to computer is a veritable means of saving time. Keyboard shortcut keys help you to be fast in your work. Instead of dragging the mouse just tape on the right keyboard and the work is done. When you save time invariable you are saving cost and increasing output. Keyboard shortcut keys therefore help you to increase output and save cost.

Disadvantages of keyboard shortcuts

The disadvantage of these keyboard options is based on the fact that these options vary from application to application. You have to learn and relearn them once you change application. This is why many computer operators still rely on the mouse which constant.


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