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Managing Your Email Accounts with Ease – My Amazing Site Solutions

Managing Your Email Accounts with Ease

Managing Your Email Accounts with Ease: A Step-by-Step Guide with Amazing Site Hosting

Congratulations on taking the vital steps of securing your domain name and setting up your hosting account with Amazing Site Hosting. Now, it’s time to harness the power of professional email accounts that align seamlessly with your new business. Whether it’s or, personalized email addresses contribute to your business’s credibility and brand identity. Here’s a straightforward guide to getting your email accounts up and running:

1. Accessing Your Hosting Account

  • Log in to your hosting account using the details provided during your registration process. You can find these details in the cPanel section of your hosting dashboard.

2. Adding Email Accounts

  • Inside your cPanel, locate the section for adding email accounts. This is often labeled as “Add/Manage Email.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your desired email accounts. You’ll need to set a password for each account, so make sure to note it down for future reference. Click “Create” to complete the process.

3. Setting Up Email Forwarders

  • While still in the mail manager section, click on “Forwarders.”
  • Follow the instructions to set up email forwarding. Provide the name of the new email address you want to forward and the main email address (the one you want to receive forwarded emails). Click “Add” to finalize the setup.

Configuring Email Accounts with Outlook:

Before you start, ensure:

  1. Your domain name is loading correctly. If it doesn’t load, your email account setup won’t function properly.
  2. You’ve already set up your email accounts in

Now, let’s configure your email accounts using Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Select “Tools” > “E-mail Accounts.” The E-mail Accounts wizard window will open.
  3. Choose “Add a new e-mail account” and click “Next.”
  4. For your server type, select “POP3” and proceed with “Next.”
  5. On the “Internet E-mail Settings (POP3)” window, enter your information:
  • Your Name: Your first and last name
  • E-mail Address: Your full email address
  • User Name: Your full email address again
  • Password: The password you set for your email account in your hosting account
  • Incoming Mail Server (POP3): Enter
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Enter
  1. Click “More Settings.”
  2. On the “Internet E-mail Settings” window, choose the “Outgoing Server” tab.
  3. Select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
  4. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab and change the “Outgoing server (SMTP)” port to 25 or 26.
  5. Click “OK.”
  6. Click on “Test Account Settings” to ensure everything is working correctly. You should receive a test email in your inbox.
  7. Click “Next,” then “Finish.”


With Amazing Site Hosting’s intuitive email setup, you can establish personalized, professional email accounts effortlessly. This streamlined process ensures that your communication channels are optimized, enhancing your business’s credibility and online presence. By following these steps, you’ll save time and avoid the hassle of trial and error, getting you one step closer to maximizing your online potential.