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Websites Design

We design clean, user-friendly websites and interactive web applications

Website Maintenance

You must understand that your website require regular maintenance

Design Work

As for big corporations, successful branding is essential to the success


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Company Overview

My Amazing Site Solutions is a professionally managed, profitable US Company with the experience of working on hundreds of websites Internationally since 2003 we have built a reputation for designing professional websites and now mobile apps. We offer expertise in branding, advertising, print and web design MASS levels the playing field in the business world by bringing Madison Avenue to Main Street America.

Our Standard Design Package

A website created using the WordPress content management customized with your information and images to meet your needs with up to ten pages including your home page. Ten additional pages can be added at any time within the next 12 months.

Website Design

Wordpress Content Management Customized

Website Maintenance

Updates Are Included With Maintenance

Graphic Art Design

Template Custom Designed With Branding


First Year Hosting Free With Domain Name


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Types of Websites

The websites can be divided into two broad categories. A) On the basis of functionality.                          B) On the basis of the purpose. A) On the basis of functionality -In this category, we consider the functionality of the sites as an important factor. Here functionality means how the visitors will interact with the website? Does this site require dynamic content

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There are thousands of websites available on the internet and all these websites are uploaded on web servers. A website becomes accessible for us only when it is uploaded to a web server. On a web server each website has its own web space in form of virtual directory on the server and each virtual directory on server has a specific address known as IP address. IP

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Nobody’s flipping through the yellow pages anymore, everybody’s googling. And of course, you do not want to leave the responsibility of your on-line image up to someone else. Also, the free sites and/or pages they are sometimes a must, example Facebook. However they come with restrictions. Kinda like grandchildren coming to visit with a list of do’s and don’ts. That’s just

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