The Story of Domain Names

By Sharif Aly 

There are thousands of websites available on the internet and all these websites are uploaded on web servers. A website becomes accessible for us only when it is uploaded to a web server. On a web server each website has its own web space in form of virtual directory on the server and each virtual directory on server has a specific address known as IP address. IP address is a 12 digit numerical string that contains information about the location and other parameters of a specific website and this IP address used to access the website.

As earlier stated that IP is a 12 digit numerical string and it is not possible for a human to easily remember numerical strings thus genius people of the world developed a method to assign these numeric IP addresses to strings of alphabets and this method is known as Domain Name System (DNS) and the alphabet string that is assigned to a particular location on the web server is known as Domain Name. Domain names are also called URL. Simply, a domain name is what we type in the address bar of our browser to access a website.

Structure wise, a domain name consists of two parts a name and extension. Name can be mostly the name of the business or niche of the website and extension is the last part of the domain name like .com, .net etc. Few extensions are available for everyone however there are some specific extensions for specific people for example, .gov extension is only for governments, .edu is only for educational institutions and .org extension is only for organizations.

Why One Needs Domain Name:

More than 90% people buy a domain just because they want to host their website and they need a domain name to assign with the IP address they get when they buy a web space from web hosting company. However this is not the only reason for which people need a domain name. Personalized email address gives you a cool impression and this is also one of the great reasons to buy a domain name. Blog and forums are very famous today to start and enhance positive discussion with community of the world. One needs a domain name for his blog or forum to share ideas, pictures and other valuable information. Low prices of domain names also encourage the people to buy a domain name for their website, blog or forum, which will be launched after a couple of years.

Marketing is important part of any business and internet marketing is very essential for any business. You might have visited hundreds of website that are only presenting the details and information about products of a business or company but they are not trading online. Trend of internet marketing is also a big reason behind registering a domain name. Almost all famous businesses in the world have their presence on the internet no matter they trade online or not.


How to Buy Domain Name:

One can easily buy domain name from a lot of domain registrars available on the internet. When you are going to buy a domain name from a domain name registrar, please make sure that the registrar is ICANN certified. To buy a domain name, you just need to visit one of the many domain name registrar’s website. Registering a domain name is very easy and a touch computer user can easily buy a domain name from a domain name registrar.


One of the most important thing you must keep in mind before buying a domain name is that always register domain name on your own name and email address, no matter you are buying yourself or buying through a webmaster, no matter you are managing website yourself or someone else is doing this, keep domain name on your own name. Now when you are ready to buy a domain name and reached on a registrars website, there they have a tool to check the availability of the domain name you want to buy and when the desired domain name is available you will be asked to buy the domain name.

Here is an important question to address and that is when your desired domain name is not available on Domain Name System. What will you do? Here you have two options, first go to an online tool called “Who is” and search for your desired domain name there you will get all the information about owner of that domain name. You can access the person in this way and can get your desired domain name. You can also register yourself with a lot of websites that buy domain names that expires (as domain name owner do not renew the contract). You will book your order of the desired domain name and they will try to buy that for you, however these services often take fee from you.

Take Care of Your Domain Name:

Taking care of your domain name is essential. You have got the domain name that is very good but now make sure not to lose it. A lot of people lose their domain name as they forgot renewing their domain name before it expires and in the result someone else bought their domain name. Do not ignore the email messages from your registrar as he will send your alerts and other information about your domain name in emails. It is also wise to give them your phone number so that they can contact you if you are not reading emails regularly, this will help you to avoid undesired situation.

A lot of people are victimized by the scammers, a scammer sends email or even a physical letter to the owner of a domain name and warns him that his domain name is going to expire soon and the owner must have to transfer on their server. They charge huge amount of fee for this purpose and there is no refund. The best approach to avoid this situation is to remember your registrar and respond only to your own registrar and ignore messages from other parties.

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