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Web Tech Blog

Secure eCommerce Websites: A Must-Have for Business Success

In the ever-evolving world of online commerce, the landscape for eCommerce sites has expanded to encompass a myriad of vendors, drop-shippers, and suppliers. While giants like Amazon and eBay have set the bar high with their seamless payment processing and customer service, many other eCommerce businesses require webmasters to take […]

Mastering Content Curation

Mastering Content Curation: Unveiling the Art and Science with My Amazing Site Solutions In the boundless expanse of online content, the practice of content curation emerges as a strategic methodology. It involves sifting through the vast sea of information available on the web, organizing it coherently around a specific theme, […]

The Crucial Imperative of Keeping Your Website Updated: A Deep Dive into the Significance

In the dynamic realm of the internet, the adage “out with the old, in with the new” holds immense significance. Failing to maintain a steady stream of updates to your website can have far-reaching consequences, leading to being overshadowed by both users and search engines. The repercussions of an outdated […]

Elevating Content Excellence with AI

Elevating Content Excellence with AI: Empowering My Amazing Site Solutions In the realm of digital engagement, the adage “Content is King” remains a timeless truth. Without captivating content, your ability to allure potential clients and sustain the interest of existing ones can be compromised. Diverse Content Options at Your Disposal […]

Detroit Walk to FAME

Amazing Sites Launches The Detroit Walk to FAME Mobile APP •

Detroit honors its own with Walk to Fame Detroit launches its equivalent of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Author: Will Jones, Local 4 Reporter, @Local4Will, Published On: Nov 21 2013 05:59:49 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 21 2013 06:04:58 PM EST video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Many of Detroit’s brightest lights will be honored with […]

Detroit/San Francisco Team Honored In Designing Trayvon Martin Foundation App •

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 21, 2013 – PRESS RELEASE August 21, 2013 Contact 313-961-3580 707-416-7599 Trayvon Martin Foundation chose the technological website and mobile App design developed by the designers Detroit Keeper of the Word Foundation and San Francisco’s designer, My Amazing Site Solutions, team the two partners were honored and picked among […]

Detroit Walk to FAME

First Detroit Walk to Fame plaque – for Berry Gordy Jr. – is unveiled •

7:31 PM, November 21, 2013 By Brian McCollum Detroit Free Press Pop Music Writer It might be a while before you’ll see the stars on city sidewalks, but the Detroit Walk to Fame took another stride forward Thursday. The first of the granite plaques — emblazoned with a star and the […]

7 Signs You’ve Over-Done Your Website

Striking the Right Balance: Effective Web Design with My Amazing Site Solutions In today’s digital realm, crafting a remarkable website is paramount, and professionals are embracing this challenge with gusto. The competitive landscape has yielded impressive websites, yet it has also led some to venture into the territory of over-designing. […]