Why You Need to Keep Your Website Updated

By Dayne Jones

The web is all about fresh content. If you don’t constantly update your website, you run the risk of getting overlooked by people and search engines. If your website looks outdated, people will come to your site and immediately move on because it seems like you aren’t keeping up with the world. If your website has the same exact content every time Google re-indexes your page, you will fall in the rankings eventually. Here are a few tips for keeping your website fresh:

Add new content

This is the first tip because it is the most important one. You will want to keep updating the content on your website as often as possible. Every time you update your content, the search engines will see that and reward you for it. The reasoning behind that is they believe sites with newer content are more relevant than those with old content. Basically, there is no better way to tell the search engines that you are relevant than by adding new content to your site every day. Having trouble coming up with content? All you need to do is write about what you know. If you sell clothing, write about different fabrics or types of shirts. You’re the expert! Even if you don’t think people will read your content, the search engines will and thats what is important.

Add New Pages

Adding new pages to your site helps increase search engine ranking and shows your visitors that you are a growing business. Make a profile page for each of your employees. Make a gallery page to show off your latest work. Anything will do! If you can email your customers to notify them of your changes, thats even better! Give them a reason to come to your website again.

Have Sales or Specials

If you have a product or service, its always good to hold sales or special offers to keep people interested. If someone comes to your site and has no idea if your prices have ever changed, people may think you’re outdated and move on. If someone comes to your site and immediately sees that you are holding a sale, they are going to feel like you are open for business. This helps if you can email your customers as well.

Keep your website updated and fresh. Your search engine rank and your bottom line will thank you for it. Make sure to add new content, constantly make new pages, and run special sales and offers on your website as often as you can.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6684760