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Why Website Maintenance

There you have it, a website is not a final product to be put somewhere and forgotten about. It should be treated as an evolving entity residing within a fast paced evolving environment.  For a successful investment your website must get attention on a content and a technical level.

Our Website Maintenance Service Task

Here are some regular monthly website maintenance task that are performed on a scheduled basis.

Backing Up Your Website

Backing up your website is something that should be done all the time. Things happen. Even though the web hosting company says they backup the sites on their servers, their last backup could have been before your last edit. If the server crashes for some reason or your site gets hacked, your edits will be gone if the web hosting company restores what they had backed up. Image loosing a whole day’s work, just because you didn’t take a few minutes to backup the site.

Monitor Website Outages

If your website goes down, we want to be the first to know and not for you to receive an email from someone else that they can not access your website.

Jetset a small WordPress plugin that we run in the background checking your website on a regular basis will notify support to get your website back online.

Feature Addition

Now, if at the time you created the website there was something that got left out because of budget constraints, maybe the budget can afford it now and you can add our maintenance service and take another look at your website/blog and see if there is some kind of improvement that can be made. Something that you didn’t think of previously or maybe you have gotten some feedback from visitors that needs to be implemented?

  • Fix a usability issue that has been mentioned.
  • Time to add a blog if you have a regular website and do not have one already?
  • Did you join a social networking site or two? Add the appropriate button(s) and links to your social profiles.
  • Add a frequently asked question section to cut down on emails and phone calls ask these regular questions.
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