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    Branding / Logo - Just as it is for big corporations, successful branding is essential to the success of a freelancing business and to just one self-employed web worker.

    It is often times overlooked, most likely because many don’t realize the large benefits that can come from it.

    The first thing we think of when we think “brand identity” is a good logo.

    A good logo can do wonders for a self-employed freelancer, but branding identity goes far beyond that, into entire website development, content, business cards, and even into offline scenarios.

    At MASS, we’ll take a closer look at ways to define a brand for something as unique as a freelancing business, and what one needs to do to get started on the right track to a successful brand.

    $75.00 USD One Time
    DESIGN by M.A.S.S. - 1 Sided Flyer Creation - Whether flyers are dropped in a mailbox or tacked to a bulletin board the everyday flyer is a great way to advertise your events, business, etc. Making people aware is the most important functions of a flyer and it will lets the public know if you're:

    Opening a new business
    Having a sale
    Throwing a party
    Organizing a fundraisers
    Promoting a product or service
    Going out of business

    A well designed flyer use to mean having to go to a print company and a pay for a long laborious layout process (since designing is not what a print company specializes in). We are not a Print company. We are a professional graphic and web design firm. This means your flyer design will be of higher quality.

    Don’t hesitate to call us (800.653.0320) for Last-minute ideas/projects. We can have it designed for you in 24 hours! (ask about our rush prices)

    With M.A.S.S. your flyer will be:

    Great looking
    And Amazing!

    $50.00 USD One Time
    DESIGN by M.A.S.S. - 2 Sided Flyer Creation - See Product Description For 1 Sided Flyer Creation.

    $75.00 USD One Time

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