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Types of Websites

A) On the basis of functionality -In this category, we consider the functionality of the sites as an important factor. Here functionality means how the visitors will interact with the website? Does this site require dynamic content which gets updated over time? Which types of devices (e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet etc) the users are using?

1) Static –

a) Static websites are those sites which once hosted on the web server are not open to changes by the end-user i.e. website owner.

Why You Need A Professional eCommerce Website

By Daniel Ozi These days webmasters set up eCommerce sites in connection with dozens of different vendors, drop-shippers and suppliers. Unlike Amazon and eBay, some of those other vendors require you to handle your own payment processing, order tracking and customer service. And if you’re going to be handling that […]

Content Curation Primer

By Stuart Bazga Content curation is the methodology of sorting through the unlimited measures of substance on the web and showing it in a significant and sorted out around a particular subject. The work includes filtering, sorting, orchestrating, and distributed data. A substance guardian carefully selects the best substance that […]

Why You Need to Keep Your Website Updated

By Dayne Jones The web is all about fresh content. If you don’t constantly update your website, you run the risk of getting overlooked by people and search engines. If your website looks outdated, people will come to your site and immediately move on because it seems like you aren’t keeping […]


Web Tech Resources

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Changing name servers via GoDaddy.com


Updating domain contact information: GoDaddy

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