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4 Features Every Website Must Have

The pace never slows down when it comes to technology. Blink and you’re left behind. Just a few years ago, as long as you had a personal website, you were ahead of the curve. That is no longer the case. In fact, just having a personal website doesn’t mean anything […]

A Website Is A Must

Nobody’s flipping through the yellow pages anymore, everybody’s googling.  And of course, you do not want to leave the responsibility of your on-line image up to someone else.  Also, the free sites and/or pages they are sometimes a must, example Facebook. However they come with restrictions.  Kinda like grandchildren coming to […]

Brands Matter

Brand’s help us to tell the good from the bad; they set you apart and create an emotionally charged story. In all aspects your brand is a promise, that you want to stand out… therefore you must create a brand.  Branding is how you share your story that compels people […]

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